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EC + 365 Days = 1 Year Today!

This very day last year was a deifining moment for our family.  My sister gave birth to her first child, Ethan Charles Litwin, and he was and still is perfect.  My mom was down visiting and we got “the call” at around 4am the it was time.  I rushed into my Mom’s room yelling 511 (inside joke) and next thing we knew we were in the car on the way to meet him.  My sister was a champ, her husband Adam was right by her side and we got to meet and hold him in his first moments of his life.  Since then he has brought such joy to our family.  Witnessing firsts has been fun and seeing his huge smile and infectiously cute personality never gets old!  You can see more about his birth here and can see more of a “year in photos” here.  I took these shots about a month ago and as you can see this kid loves the camera.  Happy birthday Ethan, and congrats Laurie and Adam on making it through one year of parenthood!