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Awake . With or Without the Sun

I am oficially awake and working at 5:19am, or so.  That is unusual for me.  I like my sleep until approximately 8am.  I am going to be doing a series on my blog with some of the pictures I got from Australia and New Zealand.  I have no good explanation as to why I chose this one first, except for that it is a sunrise shot.  I was up for 3 of them while we were visiting.  Wish I was up for more.  There is just somethign magical about a sunrise.  Perhaps it is the joy and the challenge of seeing one.  For me, it is the fact that I don’t make it up for many.  Maybe that will change.  For now, here is a bit of my soul.  This morning in New Zealand was beautiful beyond words.  All I can hope is that this pictures does it some sort of justice.