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Last week we were offered a break in the cold. Feeling burdened from a stir crazy soul, I headed to a place that is a sanctuary for me close to my home. What I had planned as a routine walk, left me hours later exiting with the sun. Something happened as I sat beside that frozen lake.



These two ideas we tend to either run from or chase only to never find. There can be an achy discomfort wrapped up in the reality of these words. In our culture they are becoming all but extinct.

But something happened that day. Every running thought escaped my head as I soaked in my surroundings. As I walked along that lake, I felt these words pressing upon my heart.

There is a stillness in the winter, a slowness of the season,
Whispering to you, for everything there is a reason.
Don’t be so quick to wish it in the past,
You’re building something here that is steadied to last.
It’s in the quiet that His voice speaks so clear,
He’s calling you to a place, drawing you near.
It’s in the waiting that you’re building the strength you need,
For when you hear go, you will have the perseverance to succeed.
Rest in the stillness that he leads you to,
Know in due time He will take you through.
There is something in the winter that you might otherwise not see,
In his presence you can sit, He is the victory. 

So often we wish away seasons of our life. That day I was reminded of this verse, “The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.” (Exodus 14:14). We can rest knowing the battle is being fought but the war has already been won. Be still.