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Julie’s Relentless Journey

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I met Julie a few years ago while we were living in San Diego. Not only do we share a name, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that we were kindred spirits in many ways. We were in different seasons, but I respected her instantly and quickly grew to appreciate her gentle spirit and often timely, thoughtful and wise words. She is one of those people that I didn’t see often, but when I did, it always felt like hours equaled days.

In the picture above you will see Julie’s daughter, London. This picture was taken almost a year ago to date. I see photography and writing as the marrying of two great arts and have a passion for both. I have had the pleasure of photographing families over the years and have a deep gratitude for the people who have trusted me enough to step in front of my lens. I’m not sure I fully understood it at the time, but photography was my barrier of entry into people’s lives. It allowed me to get up close and personal, literally and figuratively. I have had the pleasure of capturing Julie and her kids (link to photos) and can only hope that I have captured moments that will not just be pretty images, but will cement moments in time and create lasting memories.

I’m not much for small talk, and I don’t believe Julie is either. I have soaked up and cherished her words in so many ways. She is eloquent and thoughtful. I decided to step out and start this blog in December of last year. I was and still am unsure of what I want to accomplish here, aside from truly hoping that my words may resonate and make people feel a little less alone in this thing we call life. Julie sent me this, her mission and vision for the year. Her RELENTLESS JOURNEY for 2014. I read this and felt a deep sense of gratitude. That my simple words would mean something to somebody. That this wasn’t really about me at all. That somebody would take such great care of this concept to create something as beautiful as this.

I think it is powerful that we, to a certain extent, dictate where our time and our thoughts can go. If you take the time to read this, you will see the heart of a person with focus and compassion. I love all of this but these words stand out, “Be mindful that we are all a little broken.” Nine words filled with the truth that we all need a whole lot of grace. That on any given day we can be facing something filled with joy or sorrow or anything in between. That we are people who don’t always get it right, but most of the time I believe with my whole heart that we want to.

With Julie’s persmission I am sharing a piece of her heart, her focus for this year. It’s March and many of our “resolutions” are dead and gone. We promise, we try, yet ultimately life gets in the way. Like all of us, surely she has not lived up to these standards daily. But she has printed this and placed in a spot as a reminder. As spring approaches barren land comes to life I think this could be a great inspiration to us all. As the Bible says, ‘His mercies are new each morning, great is thy faithfulness.’ My hope is that you soak up these words. Not that you will relate to all of them, but that you may be compelled think about your own journey with intention.

Julie has been an inspiration to me. One of the reasons I started this blog in fact. Because, you know what, we never truly know what people are facing. Outside appearances don’t always equal inner peace, and truly that only can come from God. What I have found is that getting to know somebody takes commitment. To the good and the bad and we all have both. I hope her words impress on your heart what they have on mine. That we are all on a journey, and though it may not always look the same, that we are on it together.

Julie, I cannot thank you enough for sharing. And if you are reading this, I pray that you hear her words. I pray that you may find peace and that they may resonate with you. I want to hear from you. This space is not about me. It’s about us!  Lets to this together. A journey is better when we are together.