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It can be really easy to forget that God orchestrates our lives in such creative ways. He’s there in the midst of our lives. He takes care of the details, both big and small. It has never been more evident to me than during times of transition.

Last week I got together for some photos with the Harris Family. In October they welcomed Jude into their family. It’s safe to say two things here. One, they love this little man, and two, he is undeniably cute! These guys have been such good friends to us since the moment we stepped foot in Nashville, but the story didn’t begin here.

Harris III is a master illusionist who is passionate about using his craft to reveal to us just how easy it is to be deceived in life. He and Kate have spent years traveling the world speaking in churches and at events all over the world. He has also produced a DVD and written a book. I love seeing people use their gifts to communicate important messages and Harris is one of the best you will see!

Chad met Harris when we were still living in San Diego while he was booking speakers and comedians in churches across the country. These two are cut from the same cloth and immediately became friends. This was of course years before we knew that we would eventually live in the same city. So when we decide to move to Nashville a few years later, we were excited to know that we had some friends waiting for us. I can honestly say that these two are amazing people. They are caring, funny and selfless. They live busy lives but always seem to make time for their friends.

It has been so fun to see Jude come into the world. I had the honor of being there when he was born and it has been fun to watch him grow! We are proud of Harris and Kate and the parents that they are. Here are a couple of my favorite shots from our time together. Jude at 6 months!