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8 Years And Counting

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I guess the appropriate thing to say is that I can’t believe it has been 8 years. That would only be partially true. In some ways, it still does feel like yesterday, yet in others it feels like a lifetime. I hardly recognize the two of us in this picture. We have added fine lines around our eyes and lost a few hairs from our head, but I’m not talking about physical appearance.

It’s true, I had no clue what those vows would require on that hot, humid and rainy Sunday that we stood at the altar. I’m certain I still don’t fully grasp them. And though I knew the man I was marrying that day, the truth is, you are so much more. You’re smarter, harder working, and more driven than I even knew back then. Three of the reasons I fell in love with you. Your confidence has been met with humility and you have learned what it means to love more sacrificially. You are more handsome too. That beard suits you and your smile and laughter still lights up the room.

Marrying you was and still is the best choice I have ever made. I wasn’t the girl that dreamed about her wedding and I don’t think I was naive to know that marriage would require work. But what I wasn’t ready for was just how vulnerable and exposed marriage would make us. It has been God’s most tangible way of slowly pruning what doesn’t bring life. It has been a daily decision to live for two instead of one. A conscious and constant choice to love, broken and imperfect as we may be. A call to walk beside you during, good times and bad. And we have had both, haven’t we? Every high, every low, every exciting and every mundane moment has had a purpose. It’s easy to see that looking back. I am truly thankful for what we have built and wouldn’t do it with anybody else. You’re not the perfect husband. I will never be the perfect wife. But you’re the perfect husband for me.

Thank you for loving me for who I am and for your patience as I have stumbled awkwardly out of insecurities and stepped into dreams that I once was afraid to name. Thank you for providing for us. You work harder than most anyone I know. Thank you for making me laugh and for not taking life too seriously. It is now par for the course that you embarrass me in public and I am learning to embrace that. Thank you for dragging me kicking and screaming into places that have scared the crap out of my introverted soul. I’ve gone places and done things I would have never on my own. Thank you for the times you have said “I’m sorry” first. Those have been many, but I’m not stubborn at all! Thank you for asking me to marry you that day, the first of December. We truly had no clue what we were in for. I can honestly sit here and say, it is better than I imagined. The best part about life is life with you.

Happy 8th Anniversary. Here’s to many more.