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“Christmas is a reminder that Jesus doesn’t run from our mess he steps into it and redeems it.” –Pete Wilson

My pastor Pete Wilson challenged us today to be astonished about the birth of Christ and to look at each day as a gift. I know that sounds so simple, but personally that is a huge struggle for me. He challenged us that many of us spend our strength and energy regretting our mistakes of yesterday, and worrying about what tomorrow will bring, robbing us of the joy we have today. That was a word for me and I know so many of us.

Most of us have heard the account of Jesus’ birth many times, and instead of embracing it for what it is, we can be numbed to the significance and miss the miracle of it altogether.

Christmas is a promise that God can take the broken things of our life and make them beautiful. I say AMEN to that. He is a God of redemption and making all things new.

The two questions that challenged me most today were these:

Are you embracing today as a gift because it is perfect?

Are you embracing the Christmas season because it is perfect?

Or are we embracing each day as if it is truly a gift?

James 4:14 says this, Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” Another piece of scripture says that today has enough troubles of it’s own.”  Another piece of scripture says today has enough worries of it’s own. And in all honesty, today is all were are guaranteed. 

It is impossible to think about the birth of Christ without thinking about His death and what that means. Jesus died to set us free. So often I forget that. So often I believe the broken pieces of me are just out of the reach of forgiveness. I’m often too hard on myself. But Christ is a redeemer, and as we look forward to His birth may we remember, He is a redeemer. He came and died to set us free. The best gift we could ever receive. 

So, Father today we thank you that you see our mess and you aren’t afraid. We thank you that you are with us in this season no matter where we stand. We confess that if we are far from you that you aren’t afraid of our wondering and we come back to you. We thank you for the gift of sacrifice that you made so that we may live in freedom, and we commit our lives to today, not yesterday and not tomorrow. We thank you for the strength you alone can provide. We love you father. AMEN. 

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