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God With Us [Advent: Day 11]

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“God With Us”

You’ve come to bring peace
To be love, to be nearer to us
You’ve come to breathe life
To be light, to shine brighter in us

Oh Emmanuel God with us
Our Deliverer
You are Savior
In Your presence
We find our strength
Over everything
Our redemption
God with us
You are God with us

You’ve come to be hope
To this world
For Your honor and name
You’ve come to take sin
To bear shame
And to conquer the grave

You are here
You are holy
We are standing
In Your glory

You are God with us
You are God with us

We see Jesus referenced as Immanuel in the book of Matthew “Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.” (Matthew 1:23)

This verse is a tie to an Old Testament reference from the prophet Isaiah. Bible scholars much smarter than me can speak more clearly to the ties of these two verses, but for now, lets consider what the phrase “God With Us” meant to Matthew at the time he wrote it and what it means to God’s people. 

When Jesus was born he came to dwell with us here on Earth as a man, Jesus Christ. When He was born, he literally became the light to the world, coming to draw out darkness for all eternity. 

What He signified was hope. HOPE. The season of advent is a time of joyful expectancy of the coming of Jesus Christ, our one true hope. To think that His coming was foretold and that He came in the form of a baby is truly amazing to me. 

Matthew was telling us about the good news of Jesus, of His coming to draw out darkness. Of His dwelling within us. So often I forget that God is literally here with us. But it is the good news and we should rejoice in it! 

He is a God who cares, understands, loves, forgives, redeems and strengthens. He literally is with us. He feels our sorrows and rejoices in our victory. He is a God we can fear, because when we do, all of our troubles fade away. He is with us. The best good news we could ever receive. 

So I ask you today. What does Immanuel mean to you? 

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