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“When Your Heart Hurts For a Miracle this Christmas” [ADVENT: DAY 16]

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If you haven’t already heard of Ann Voskamp, I am excited to share her writing with you as something new. If you have heard of her, perhaps you have been following along as I have through the Advent season. Ann writes with passion, beauty and depth. She pours out words about God in a way like no other.

Today I would love to share with you a recent post, “When Your Heart Hurts For a Miracle this Christmas.” I have read and reread this post a few times.

I love this excerpt from her post, “People say that when miracles happen: ‘I can’t believe it! It’s a miracle!’ But that’s always the best place for miracles: God meets us — right where we don’t believe.”

What Ann does so well is weave in personal stories and God’s truth. She does it poetically. She does it in a way that you know she is feeling the words she is typing.

So today, take some time to read through this post. Ann is somebody I have admired and I love the deep meaning in this post. 

And if that’s you, praying for a miracle. I’m standing with you!

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